4 Wedding Planning Essentials

There are three things to keep in mind when planning for your wedding. For a special day filled with not only much excitement but also so many emotions, these four crucial things can elevate the experience for you and your guests.

Wedding planning is lately a process on its own where all the details are carried in together. But it’s in the little things, as many as they come, where there is no limit to perfection.

From dawn to dusk, the actual wedding day is indeed a very busy one – most often with a full schedule of events. Oftentimes, people may not be totally ready to go through the upcoming rollercoaster of emotions.

Modern wedding couple

As shown in our work at Photo Suits, the most value comes in getting your memories recorded and captured correctly. To keep these moments in your soul, your mind, and on print.

This being said, the following four items are essentially key success factors for your wedding, in order to ease your mind as you approach the wedding date.

The first and most important thing is the wedding planner in person

Contemporary wedding decor in gold with wooden details at Le St-James Theater

The wedding planner will be the one to keep everything under control from the beginning of planning to the final moment of your wedding day. They will provide the answers to all your questions, help guide your decisions, keep everything in check and on schedule, and make your vision a reality all while ensuring you won’t go crazy along the way during all the planning!

The right wedding planner will be your guarantee that everything will be as it must so that you and your partner can fully live and enjoy your special moment.

The second key factor is choosing an appropriate DJ or musicians

Wedding entertainment: musicians and band

Having a good DJ or good musicians are like the bread and butter for your wedding party. A good DJ will know how to not only get your guests grooving, but mainly help control the crowd through ambiance. He will find great moments to smoothly integrate speeches, or even getting the caterers to serve tables with minimal interference.

A DJ feels the mood of the public and is able to shift it, if need be, by using his or her music accordingly!

Impressive decorations may make for a nice sophisticated fest, but in the absence of a good DJ, a good atmosphere can become weak and your guests may not enjoy the beauty of the hall nor the delicious food as much. Although, it is important to note that if you do decide on going with floral decorations (which is a timeless classic) it is very important to choose an experienced wedding florist, one that will provide a consistent look and follow the vision of your wedding to the fullest.

In sum, everyone at the wedding will have their senses stimulated by the visual aesthetic, the tastes of the cuisine, but what really sets the mood and tone is the ambiance set by the right DJ and music.

The third aspect, naturally, is food

On the day of the wedding, things go quite fast as we want the course of the day to go perfectly. With everything going on, it’s easy to forget to eat – and that’s what will keep people going throughout the day! Having snacks and bites available throughout the day can appease any small hungers and keep people away from getting stressed or “hangry”, it can also keep the younger guests happily entertained and in a good mood.

From having smaller bites and snacks over the day, to the reception and full course in the evening, you and your wedding planner would need to seek catering or plan food prep knowing any of your guests diet restrictions. We’re sure that caring for your guests diets is another extra mile you can take to give them the best experience possible on your special day.

The fourth aspect, of course, is the photographer and videographers

These are the people who will be with you during the whole day!

Photographers need to be pleasant and cheerful people, who will understand and support you throughout every single step of your day – Not just someone there to document them. It is one of the select vendors that you will meet after your wedding to receive creative photos of your most touching and meaningful moments of this beautiful event.

But to all this – you must first take care of the most important flower – the bride. She must be perfect everywhere, starting from the elegant dress, to the beautiful coiffure, impeccable make-up, gorgeous shoes, gentle manicure, and of course – her stunning smile

And so, these four things are essentially the most important ones to keep in mind when wedding planning. (Only in our humble opinion…)

We, more than anyone else, know the crucial role they play on your wedding day. Starting from here, you can avoid dire mishaps.

We sincerely wish for your wedding to be the best you’ll ever attend.

We hope to hear from you about how we can provide you with lovely memories.

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