Choosing a Photographer for your Wedding – Part 2

This article is a continuation of another article. Click here for “Choosing a photographer for your wedding – Part 1”

How do photography styles vary?

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First, you have to find what style of photography you like the most, before looking at pricing and even the location of the photographer. Check out various articles and Pinterest boards about photojournalism, editorial, traditional or artistic styles.

Journalistic or documentary styles will focus on following everything that is happening during the day, there’s little posing and guidance and things are left to their own course. This style fits couples who value authentic moments over the occasional double chin or the ‘bad side’.

Editorial or dramatic styles will often use additional complex lighting equipment to give these really sharp looks straight out of a Vogue magazine. Expect a lot of posing of your fingers and lips to get these stunning images. Editorial wedding photography works for couples who want to look extremely sharp and often execute everything to the finest detail to achieve perfection.

Traditional styles will go for a simpler approach – something along the line of your parents’ or grandparents’ books. Simple poses and beautiful backgrounds will often be chosen, but no extensive posing guides will be given, so it is a more lay-back approach. We would recommend this style to couples who simply want a photographer to capture everyone and everything on the day.

The artistic style is the most vaguely defined. We could say that this style is the most complex to pull off with the Photoshop effects, lenses, cameras and various accessories used to create incredibly complex images  that can be looked over for hours, finding small new details along the way. This style is not for everyone – it works well for those who want something avant-garde and different from their friends.

Only Positive Vibes

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Second, the vibes that you get with the photographer are soooo important. Even if you have the style you like and an unbeatable price, if you can’t stand the person – don’t book. It is the happiest day of your life and you definitely want to spend it with someone who understands you, values the things you do and overall makes you comfortable. We often spend 12-14 hours with couples. That’s more than anyone else on the day of the wedding!

It may sound trivial at first, but we love getting to personally know the couples that we will be shooting. We, like no others, understand that we will be spending a full day together and to provide a great result at the end of the day, there musn’t be any tensions or mis-understandings. We’ve had couples not book based on their ‘gut feeling’ – essentially it’s being compatible and not forcing things. If we like similar things, can talk comfortably, and can relate to the same artistic vision – everything else will work itself out.

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