Choosing a Photographer for your Wedding – Part 1

Congratulations! If you’ve landed on this page, there is a statistically high chance of you being recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer in Montreal. 

suzy greg couple engagement session boat casual jeans style love montreal lachine canal parkSo one of you popped the question to the other and you both agreed to get married in the near future! Great, now what? Well, you need a celebrant and 2 witnesses – that covers the basics. Fun Fact, Phil was once a witness at a wedding that he was shooting.

Now if you want to make a fun party for your close family and friends, you suddenly add so much to that list of ‘must-haves’. The list becomes longer the more people you have and the selection of available vendors (suppliers) gets smaller. In Montreal, Laval and South Shore – not all caterer can handle feeding 500 people, most halls have headcount restrictions and not all photographers can place family groups of 50 people at a time.

Now, you are planning a celebration of your love?

It may feel difficult to find a photographer for a wedding. Going through countless websites, Facebook pages and reviews can get exhausting.

bryan jacklyn couple engagement session boat casual jeans style love montreal cottage esterel saint sauveur romantic

After all… there are over 300 in Montreal, catering to various photography styles and budgets ranging from 500$ to 15’000$ for a day.

So how do you actually go about choosing the best photographer for you?

How do you go about setting a budget for photography for your Montreal area wedding?

We’ve seen it done in many different ways, some couples spent more on pictures than on the hall, catering and dress combined! Others prioritised good food and fully stocked bar service. The choice is really yours, we would just like to give you a few pointers to make that choice as educated as possible!

michelle evan couple engagement session casual style stylish love montreal rails alain simon fleurs dress suit asian prewedding photoshoot

In the upcoming week we will be releasing a series of posts that should help you make the best decision for yourself – and we’re fine if you go elsewhere!

We will be talking about the various photography styles, the connection between the couple and the photographer and of course, the price.

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