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bride getting ready st adele quebec laurentides black and white morning montreal wedding photographer captured authentic moment with airplane toy mom and best friend maid of honor

A long way to the big day.

We’ve come from creating beautiful imagery on weddings in Montreal for various studios over the past years to create the perfect combination of classical portraiture and emotional candid moments.

Over these years, Marina and Phil developed that unique style – a mixture of journalism and beauty portraiture focusing on both men and women. So many couples that we had interviewed wanted the best of both worlds, getting all the gorgeous magazine-worthy portraits of them, of their close family and friends while retaining a majority of candid wedding photos with genuine expressions that make reliving the day through photos an easy thing.

Capturing Wedding Photos

beautiful wedding ring engagement for a proposal on mount royal in montreal during august with a couple from boston, she flew all the way here as a surprise

We focus on capturing all the little details and decor that make the event unique. Starting with the rings in the morning, the beautiful dress hanging, throughout the whole ceremony, all the way to the reception dance and cake.

We want to stay clear of the trends that come and go. Looking back at the past few years of wedding photography, certain photos just give you the feeling they’re “2012” and instead we strive to create are timeless pieces.

We decided to stick to simple things.

Classical images, that will proudly hang on your grand parents’ wall. For everything else, it’s mixed in with some beautiful emotional art pieces that really speak of the dynamic connection and love present in the couple.

Next time, we’ll talk about our first big show.

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