Obstacles for the Modern Bride and How to Overcome Them – Part 1

Tell us! How did your dear one propose? Was it an elaborately magical moment like in the movies: at your favorite restaurant with the ring slipped into your glass of champagne? Maybe he or she surprised you during a stroll underneath graceful flowering trees? – And now your wedding planning journey has begun. What are some of the things you should look out for as the bride? How can we as your photographers help you out in the process?

The Modern Bride

As photographers, people sometimes forget we’re around at weddings, so we often witness some awkward issues that come about. In the last few years, some more relevant obstacles are what make wedding planning more difficult for the modern bride. But your photographer can (and must) be there to help you overcome them as smoothly as possible!

The first up and coming obstacle is that of food. 

Wedding Snacks

Being a gluten-free vegan, I for one can relate to the stress added to a couple needing to accommodate the diets of 200 of your closest friends and family. What used to be “Please select between a meat, fish or poultry meal” has now become a never-ending list of options and questions. What is the solution we propose for the modern bride? – We suggest having an allergen-free vegan meal as an option on the menu. There is an increasing number of caterers that recognize this growing demand and are able to come up with innovative menu options for anyone with dietary restrictions. If you are the adventurous type, you may even consider going for a fully allergen-free menu for your guests! 

Wedding cupcake tower

As for the wedding cake and desserts, we have seen some creative ideas going around. To resolve dietary concerns, like gluten or lactose intolerance, you can either have an allergen-free cake, asking for dairy-free and gluten-free (like the ones they offer at Petit Lapin, Sophie Sucrée, and Cookie Stephanie) or opt for a trendy tower of sweets and pastries, such as the famous cupcake tower, that would include vegan and gluten free options. Who wouldn’t be thrilled at having many flavors of dainty cupcakes to choose from? It is also important to label the allergen free items so that your guests can easily identify which foods and treats are the ones that will keep their stomachs safe and happy.

The second upcoming obstacle we need to mention concerns technology. 

Wedding entertainment

We can all agree that technology is constantly making amazing advancements that make for awesome upgrades in the wedding experience – but it isn’t always as reliable. Imagine not foreseeing how much time it may take to set up audio and speakers, resulting in awkward silent waiting for your guests, and the band… always make sure to have multiple test runs done before the actual event. Ask that your wedding planner or bridesmaid keep a close relation with the people handling all the technical elements of your wedding (sound, lights, smoke effects, etc.) and having a checklist to make sure nothing gets overlooked can always come in handy. 

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