Tips from the Photographer: How to Make the Best Wedding Pictures

Much planning goes into the day of the life-changing “I do moment”. It’s a day that can get very hectic and the last thing you would want on your list of worries is whether or not your wedding photographer has captured your ‘good side’. Nonetheless, there are some things you can do as a couple, with some tips from recognized expert photographers that can make capturing those precious moments as effortless as can be. These pieces of advice will help you help us to get the best wedding photos on your wedding day!

1.  Ignore the camera and the photographer

The only way a photographer can truly catch the lovely and magical moments as they come is if they’re incognito. Trust us when we say that if your photographer wanted attention, they’ll make sure they get it. If not, then focus on living in this once in a lifetime moment. It’s as soon as you “set things up” for a picture, become overly conscious about getting photographed, or purposely try to make something feel a certain way, that the authenticity of the moment is lost. This factor is what differentiates good pictures from the best ones.

2. Get the “rowdier” friends and family to pay attention

Family group shots tend to get complicated, simply because it can be difficult managing and coordinating more people to be in sync. This is the most crucial time for everyone to be paying attention to the photographer. He or she will be arranging people to fit in the frame of the picture, and make sure everyone looks picture-perfect from their eyes and hair, to their feet. The photographer wants to get the best group shots and make them as creative and fun as can be, minus the time loss and stress.

3. Prepare your details the day before

After months of planning your perfect wedding day, there is no giving up the night before. Make sure to have everything you need prepared and ready so that you can be as quick and efficient as possible during the day of your wedding. The best wedding photographers will want to catch a picture of everything – from the make-up session, to the accessories, as well as the overall ambience of your ceremony. Have everything you plan on wearing and using readily at hand so that your photographer can capture every single item that was a part of your special day.

4. Last but not least… Have fun!

Yes, it’s a cliché thing to say, but it’s the most genuine thing to do – If I was asked to give only one piece of advice for the best wedding photos, this would be it. The most stunning wedding pictures are the ones that seize that moment in time and all the emotions that were wrapped in it.

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