What to Wear to an Engagement shoot?

Summer is on the horizon and along with it, the weddings are coming to downtown Montreal and the Old Port.

As we are all getting out of the hibernation season – we are getting more inquiries about engagement session in Montreal.

We would like to review with you and answer the top 3 questions we get in preparation to an engagement shoot.

  • Where can we do it?

The top places that come to mind are Old Port, Atwater Market, World Trade Center, your cottage, St-Anne-de-Bellevue and the Botanical Gardens.

We have a little more time during those sessions and are usually not rushing to a reception party or ceremony right after, so choosing a place with multiple spots in walking distance is a great idea!

  • How do we dress? Can we bring a change of clothes?

We highly recommend thinking this through – it’s refreshing if we can swap a few clothing pieces to get more variety, plan this together as you will be close to one another in photos. Matching or similar patterns are great.

Cameras highly dislike small patterns such as fine lines, dots or anything else, it causes an artefact effect called ‘moiré’ – essentially odd colors and random waves may appear on your shirt. Just wear a plain one.

  • Can we bring our dog?

Definitely, remember, this is a session about you two – authenticity is what we really aim for. If you’re spending a lot of time with your dog – it makes total sense to include them in the pictures. We  can split the shoot in two parts, with and without family members!

Don’t forget that there really are no rules – the most important part is everyone’s’ comfort.

Visiting or living in Montreal and would like to get some beautiful memories of you two? Feel free to reach out below <3
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