Obstacles for the Modern Bride and How to Overcome Them – Part 2

In our last post, we started discussing some of the obstacles a modern bride may encounter during her wedding day as we’ve seen them come and how we suggest you can overcome them. As photographer’s there are things we see that others don’t including all the mishaps that can be avoided. This being said, let’s continue our list and give you our best advice so that your special day runs smoothly.

Mobile technology, your phone, can be your friend and your foe. 

Phones at a wedding

If you’re alright with your guests wandering and taking pictures for their social media, then kudos to you! Personally, we think it’s always best to rely and trust that your wedding photographer will capture all the important moments. Isn’t that why you chose them after all? You can then encourage everyone else to be fully present and in the moment. We couldn’t help but feel bad for a future couple’s wedding album if it’s missing priceless reaction shots of loved ones, simply because their faces are hidden behind their phone screens. This being said, there is an elegant way to have the phone put away: a kind gesture or sign to ask and encourage people to lay down their mobiles can be the right course of action. People won’t take it the wrong way if you kindly ask; for example, you can make an announcement like those in a theater before a show at the beginning of the reception! As long as you remind them that there is a professional photographer present to capture everything and would be glad to take their requests, they should feel okay with putting their phones away. It’s also a great way to encourage them to enjoy the moment along with you.

Wedding vision mismatch 

Family on wedding day

We love traditional weddings as much as contemporary ones, but there are times when a couple may have some trouble sharing with their families that they might not share the same wedding vision as them. I once met a bride who was forcing herself to wear her grandmother’s wedding dress to please her family although this was eating her up inside. After some time with her, she mustered the courage to tell her family the truth. I could see the immense relief she had once she told them the truth, and her family decided to respect her choice. The best thing to do is to always be honest from the beginning, and make sure that you and your future partner are on the same page. Communicating to support each other through all the planning is the most important thing. Never put yourself in a position where your wedding planning becomes more stressful than it has to be. We say it all the time, but your wedding day is first and foremost about your happiness. Your family and friends will be happiest when you’re happiest, we promise.

These are some of the main obstacles we’ve been spotting more and more for the modern bride. Are there any more up and coming concerns that you think should be mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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